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Girls, on Film #17: The Games Issue

Girls, on Film #17 is now available! We discuss these 80s movies about games:


  • Tron (1982)

  • WarGames (1983)

  • Endgame (1983)

  • Cloak and Dagger (1984)

  • Clue (1985)

  • Gotcha! (1985)

  • Night of the Demons (1988)

  • The Wizard (1989)


WHAT's a zine?

Zines (pronounced zeens) are self-published, non-commercial labors of love. There are no rules; they come in all shapes, sizes, and are about everything under the sun. Most importantly, they give a voice where there may not have been one before.

There are a ton of great resources about zines, their history, and how to make them. We recommend checking out The Bindery's attempt to define zines, Eastern Michigan University's zine making guide, and Rebecca Kunin's extensive historical overview of the craft.

Girls, on Film is a fanzine about '80s movies. Each issues features eight movies released between 1980 and 1989 related to a particular theme. We cover all kinds of movies and all kinds of themes. Girls, on Film is published quarterly.


Digital issues are free. Contact info@girlsonfilmzine.com for inquiries about purchasing prints, or doing trades, collaborations, and guest submissions.


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Events, news, and other things we've been up to.

The excellent Maira McDermott keeps very busy in the zine space, making zines, organizing festivals, setting up press, and running a podcast. Stephanie and Janene talk shop, doing zines in the pandemic, and 80s movies on Season 2, Episode 2 of the podcast.

Thinking about starting a zine? Go for it. Janene and Stephanie talk about starting Girls, on Film and surprising success, and recommends that you grab your shades because the future of zines looks bright.

Katie McCann and Chloe Henderson's Coin-Operated Press, based in Scotland, hosts workshops, zine fairs, online educational content. They also make, publish, and distribute collaborative zines. We exhibited at their first Birthday Zine Fair in 2021.

This was the first bit of official press we received for Girls, on Film. AJ Michael gives a glowing review of the first four issues in Issue #47 of a zine about zines.



Stephanie McDevitt, Co-Founder/Editor

Stephanie's one big disappointment in life is that she wasn’t old enough to fully appreciate popular clothing styles in the 1980s, as she was mostly attired in paisley sweatsuits. A full-time editor and occasional freelancer, Stephanie looks nostalgically back on '80s films such as Ernest Goes to Camp, Adventures in Babysitting, and Can’t Buy Me Love and wishes she could pull off the hairdos of Cindy Mancini and her friends.

Dr. Rhonda Baughman, Contributing Writer

Rhonda, a teacher and freelance writer, raised adolescent hell in the '80s and the horror films of that era were her BFFs! She loves all of '80s pop culture, but nothing spoke to her quite like Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Nightmare Sisters, and Reform School Girls. She got her Video Time Video rental card at 9 years old and never looked back. Or forward, really; she still loves her VHS and sweet, sweet VCR.


Girls, on Film welcomes guest writers! Send a resume and writing samples to info@girlsonfilmzine.com.

Janene Scelza, Co-Founder/Editor

Janene has made plenty of the them over the years. She spent a hefty part of her teens combing musty video stores and public libraries for all the '80s movies she could find. There were lists! Janene's got plenty of favorites from the decade, but it’s stylish indie films like Desperately Seeking Susan, Repo Man, and The Terminator that she loves best.

Matt Scelza, Contributing Writer

Matt loves to dissect and analyze everything. He is stoked to join his sister, Janene, as a co-writer. He logged a lot of hours at the same video stores and public library film collections with Janene in search of odd and unusual titles. However, he's got too many favorites to name.



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